Feb 28, 2018

By Viacom Staff
Advertisers benefit from precision at scale within the premium context of television.

Marketers have been increasing their digital marketing spend thanks to the targeting capabilities. But, data-driven TV challenges the notion that digital is the only way to reach advanced audience segments. Powered by new connections between custom audience definitions and TV-viewing data, data-driven TV makes it possible for advertisers to identify the right audience at a scale that no other platform can offer.

Data-driven TV: Bringing Advertisers Back to Linear With Viacom Vantage

How one retailer used Viacom Vantage to mix the sophisticated, rich targeting of digital advertising with the scale and premium context of TV.

A national retailer had recently shifted its entire TV spend to digital, but, a year in, wasn’t seeing the results that come with the scale of television. The retailer had been building strong relationships with its customers and assembled a CRM database of its most valuable customers.


Identify and engage more consumers who look like its top customers.


To accomplish that at-scale, the retailer reallocated its budget to television, but focused 100 percent of its TV dollars to targeted linear ads. Viacom matched comScore households with the retailer’s CRM list, ran a targeted Vantage campaign, and measured the results with Ninth Decimal, an advanced audience targeting platform.


The campaign led to increased foot traffic in stores and:


  1. Viacom internal data, 2017.

Viacom Vantage is an advanced audience platform that offers best-in-class predictive modeling, continual optimization, and insights to help you understand your fans and how best to reach them.

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