May 01, 2017

By Viacom Staff
When three big networks like Viacom, Turner and Fox come together to talk business, you take note.

Enter OpenAP. With demand for audience targeting growing significantly, OpenAP is the TV industry’s first open audience platform.

So what are a few of the key things that topline OpenAP’s inception and capabilities? Click on the videos below for a quick-hit primer.

1. You Asked – They Delivered

As Donna Speciale, president of Turner Ad Sales explains, OpenAP was developed as a direct result of extensive feedback from clients, agencies and advertisers across all three networks. “You’ve been asking for us to unify, to simplify the audience targeting on television and make it more scaleable. And we heard you and we actually listened.”

2. The Beginning of Something Bigger 

What are the potential implications of OpenAP on the industry? Joe Marchese, President of Advanced Advertising Fox Networks Group says think of this recent announcement as just a preliminary first step.

3. It’s Named “Open” for a Reason

“Roadmap to innovation” are the words Sean Moran, Head of Sales and Marketing & Partner Solutions at Viacom, uses to stress the ongoing rollout of OpenAP and what clients and partners can expect in the months to come.

4. The Data: Have it Your Way

“At the end of the day, OpenAP is about supporting the data sets that advertisers and agencies fundamentally need to create high-value segments they want to target.” Bryson Gordon, Executive Vice President, Data Strategy at Viacom.

5. Third-Party Posting = No More Publishers Grading Their Own Homework

To create consistency in reporting, OpenAP will be working with third-party auditor, Accenture to manage that process and ensure consistency in the audience definition and count impressions after a campaign has run. As Dan Aversano, Senior Vice President, Ad Innovation & Programmatic Solutions at ‎Turner notes, when television companies got into the business of advanced audience buying, they also got into the unfortunate habit of having to check their own homework. (Thankfully, this will no longer required).

6. Keeping Your Segments Secure

Protecting your proprietary data is also a key measure OpenAP is implementing. “When you go through this process there is no single OpenAP publisher that is aware of this. We don’t know what you’re doing, we don’t know what data you’re using and we don’t know what segments you’re using.” Noah Levine, SVP, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions at Fox Networks Group.


7. So What is OpenAP Ultimately Solving for?

In a nutshell: Consistency, portability, and making the process of television ad buying seamless for clients, advertisers, partners and agencies.

Click here to learn more about OpenAP, TV’s Advanced Audience Platform.