Mar 08, 2017

By Viacom Staff
5 Questions with the CEO/Co-Founder, Speaker and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness.

Jenn Lim is the CEO, co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) of Delivering Happiness, a company that she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) co-created in 2010 to inspire happiness in work, community and everyday life.

In Jenn’s words: “A CHO is doing what any CEO does in an organization — putting the people/resources/financing in place to create a sustainable company. The difference between a CEO and a CHO is that a CHO is doing it through the lens of happiness as a business model.”

We caught up with Jenn to learn about her inspirations, what she’s discovered over the course of her career and how she sees the future of  media evolving.

No one would expect it, but I’m a huge fan of:
The dark side. That might sound weird for someone running a company called Delivering Happiness but I think one of the best ways to understand our happiness is to grasp the other extremes of what life can be.
The last thing that inspired me was:
Taking my mom to her first basketball game. She’s a huge fan of [Golden State Warriors] Steph Curry and wanted to see him live. Watching her expressions was almost as much fun as watching the game itself — she looked like a little girl (well a little girl that can drink beer). I’ll never forget that smile on her face, a reminder we’re never too old for new experiences.
Something unexpected I’ve learned during the course of my career:
How important it is to truly integrate work and life, and by life I mean being true to our (as we say at DH) “weird” selves while living out our senses of values and purpose. We spend most of our waking hours at work, why not bring our whole selves to live a full, meaningful life?
The innovation I’m most excited about is:
The movement in social innovation because it solves the basic human need to connect our sense of *self* with our *communities* to – ultimately – the *world*. We call this the me/we/community model at DH and it’s what gives us a sense of purpose in a time that’s unpredictable and ever-evolving.
What do you hope the future of media looks like in 10 years?
With the Internet of Everything growing every day, complexity will drive a need to simplify the relationship between media/content and people…making it more local, more authentic, more relevant and meaningful in our everyday living.