Aug 29, 2018

Campus to Career: Thanks so much for making the time to talk. Can you tell us about your background?

NP: Sure. I graduated from Georgia Tech in May of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Why did you want to intern at Viacom?

I am a huge fan of Viacom’s shows and content. I grew up tuning into all of MTV’s tent-pole programs and award shows like the MTV VMAs and the MTV Movie & TV Awards. I am also a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Raceso getting to work for the company that produces Drag Race is incredible.

I love television, and Viacom’s programming reaches so many niche groups of people. Playing a role in this company is awesome.

We couldn’t agree more. When you first started out at Viacom, what were you excited to learn?

As a young professional at a large corporation, it was so interesting for me to learn how all the different teams and departments within the company fit together. From a student’s perspective, it was valuable to work at a big company so early on in my career. I learned so much, so quickly.

That’s awesome. Was there a specific reason why you wanted to continue your career here at Viacom after graduating?

For me it was definitely the people. Everyone I met (and continue to meet) at Viacom is genuine, authentic and kind. We work in a creative industry among the best and smartest in the business.

How did your supervisors support your learning and development?

My team always made sure to include me in impactful projects and important meetings. They noticed my passion and talent for writing early in the internship, and allowed me to draft copy, one-sheets, and other client-facing materials. We had weekly check-ins which helped me to stay on track throughout the semester.

Did the campus team support your career growth?

Yes. I appreciated Campus to Career’s events throughout the semester. The team helped me network with individuals across several departments and levels. They were also very friendly.

We’re so glad you were able to make strong connections here at Viacom. Do you have any last words of advice for current interns?

My biggest advice is to be as specific as possible about your interests and goals for the internship. If you set your intentions early on and make it known that you are here to learn and grow, your team will recognize that and keep you in mind for projects that match your skill-set and interests.

In my opinion, the best way to make a lasting impression as an intern is to specialize quickly and make a true impact in an area where you excel.

This story is part of our series on intern success stories, featuring interns who have gone on to full-time opportunities at Viacom and Paramount. Follow @ViacomInterns on Twitter to watch interviews with these successful employees.