Apr 24, 2020

By Nicole Bitette
Concert tours and game nights still happen—just virtually.

Culture+ is an editorial series that looks at trending topics and events with an eye toward what they reveal about our shifting culture. The trend this week: Ingenuity. As many of us enter another week in quarantine, we take a look at inventive approaches people take to create and teach.

After more than a month of stay-at-home orders, people have been finding inventive ways to mirror life before quarantine.

Musicians perform for streaming views rather than screaming fans. DJs book virtual tours in virtual worlds. Fans orchestrate celebrity run-ins through apps like Cameo. Friends gather around digital game boards and lovers tie the knot via Zoom. And everyone is still baking—not buying—bread.

Here’s a shortlist of content that’s defining the zeitgeist as stay-at-home mandates continue:

1. DJ sets and music performances are now all virtual, so why can’t a tour be virtual, too. Travis Scott is trying out a virtual world tour by hitting up specific locations for one night only via Fortnite.

2. Game Night with friends is becoming more popular than ever. Here are the best games to play during virtual hangouts.

3. Creating content in quarantine:  This life coach to influencers is guiding social media creators on what, and how, to create during the coronavirus crisis.

4. Is NSFW still a thing if you work from home? Well, warning: This is NSFW. Ansel Elgort stripped down for a good cause. (And MTV social even got a shoutout: Wink, wink).

5. Keira Knightley has a unique talent that involves using her teeth as a musical instrument.  Her “performance” was to raise money for COVID-19 on Red Nose Day.

6. Dressing up to go out takes on a whole new—and entertaining—meaning for these Floridians.

7. Some people may choose to learn a new skill in quarantine and luckily there are some very talented teachers—Pixar artists are offering lessons on how to create well-known characters and some celebrities, like Brian Cox and Jodie Whittaker, have partnered with the BBC to teach kids various lessons in English, math, geometry, and more.

8. The app Cameo—which features paid shoutouts and videos from celebrities—is made for the era of coronavirus.

9. Even New York City is using virtual conferencing tools in new and inventive ways. Marriage certificates are being offered virtually, allowing couples to tie the knot during quarantine via Zoom.

10. And lastly, a Culture+ recommendation: If you can’t stop baking right now, check out this guide from the NY Times on how to freeze your surplus of muffins, cookies, and bread.

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