Sep 14, 2018

By Nicole Bitette
A marketing partnership designed to add extra “surprise and delight.”

A dynamic brand collaboration between Amazon and Nickelodeon means that, for a limited time, the smiles appearing on your Amazon boxes could be that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The online shopping giant will feature Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Amazon boxes to help promote the new series which premieres on television on Sept. 17.

Pam Kaufman, president of Viacom/Nickelodeon Global Consumer Products, said that the deal was a no-brainer for the brand due to the reach it would give the famous Turtles. “It took us seven seconds to say yes,” Kaufman says.

Previous takeovers include Minions (2015), Revlon (2017), and The Greatest Showman on Earth (2017). Consumers tweeted ahead of the Minions box release that they planned to order from Amazon just to get one of the boxes, TechCrunch reported at the time. “Everyone loves receiving their online delivery, and within retail marketing, we think the ecommerce box will become the next highway billboard,” says Andrea Fasulo, SVP, Consumer Products Marketing for Nickelodeon.

“With a program like this, we look to add an extra ‘surprise and delight’ element to customers’ Amazon deliveries,” says Jamie Lomas, global advertising sales director, Amazon Advertising. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a property that has a tremendous and unique cross-generational appeal amongst Amazon customers and beyond.”

Lomas added that Amazon Advertising is always thinking about the next innovative experience it can create for customers based on the breadth of its assets and media capabilities.

“We’re open to any idea that’s a great customer experience. We’re always ready to come to the table for these types of collaborations.”

A Series Reinvented

Amazon boxes, sized about 10 inches by 7 inches, were made-over with the fresh brand imaging, with each collectible box featuring one of the four well-known turtles: Raphael (Raph), Leonardo (Leo), Donatello (Donnie) or Michelangelo (Mikey). Millions of boxes started appearing on U.S. doorsteps beginning on Sept. 1, with the promotion ending once they run out of boxes. (Boxes are chosen at random from select Amazon fulfillment centers; customers can’t choose to receive them.)

“Amazon has only worked with a handful of brands on full box takeovers, and we were the first partner to pilot a new printing technology that allowed for multiple creative designs in a singular campaign,” Fasulo added.

Each Turtles box is complete with a Smile code that drives consumers to a Custom Storefront that includes exclusive Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles product links and videos.

Partnering with Amazon is part of Nickelodeon’s move to re-energize the classic franchise, through content and consumer products. “We reinvented the marketing, just as we reinvented the series itself,” says Kaufman.

A major element of that involves toys, such as the Playmates action figures, vehicles, playsets and role play, such as masks and swords, which will all launch in October. Consumers will have the ability to collect pizza points in a loyalty program to redeem points that go toward the purchase of action figures, according to the team at Nickelodeon.

Following the toy roll-out, the network is planning additional products like puzzles, books, Halloween costumes and packaging refreshes for existing consumer products. A full retail marketing campaign will be rolling out driving to key retailers and also helping to promote the brand by featuring Rise character art and toy imagery online, across social media and at locations, such as the Walmart security pedestal signs, located at the stores’ entrances and exits, from Oct. 6 to Oct. 19.

J.Crew is also partnering with Nickelodeon on a line of nostalgic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles clothing for its children’s line, crewcuts, slated for release in late September, which will feature the classic iteration of the foursome.

As for the Turtles themselves — or at least the voice actors who play them in Rise — they’ll make their way back home to New York City on Oct. 5 for a panel discussion at New York Comic Con featuring “never-before-seen clips from the series, special guests and exclusive giveaways.”

Additional reporting contributed by Tara Weiss.